Bird Dogging. Is it Legal?

 I've checked around about bird dogging and I'm hearing a lot of people say that you have to be licensed to assist someone in purchasing a house.  So is bird dogging legal?

<<So is bird dogging legal?>>


No where (at least to my knowledge) is it illegal to find a property that may be a candidate for purchase and then pointing it out to an investor.


You do NOT assist anyone in purchasing a home if you are a birddogger.

A birddogger locates a POTENTIAL deal and offers that to an investor. The investor will make the deal or not. IF they do, the birddog gets a finders fee.

As $Cash$ likes to put it, you can give anyone directions, and there is no law that prevents you for charging them for those directions. It’s still completely up to them to find the place.


I have been sourcing property in Buffalo and Rochester NY and San Antonio Texas for Australian investors and none of the team on the ground in the States have a real estate license. Nothing wrong in doing this providing you use qualified professionals to close the deals and do all due dilligence to ensure everything is above board.We have formed a network of qualified people eg Attorneys, Lawyers, finance brokers etc to ensure all transactions are conducted in a legal fashion.

Clients are welcome to conduct building inspections and any other form of due dilligence at there expense before purchasing as well.Buyers agents are becoming incresingly popular and definately not illegal

Can a Licensed Agent in GA start and operate a Bird Dogging company? Especially if all he/ she is doing if finding the deals and letting the Investor make the decision and getting a fee. What about if the Agent is part owner of an LLC that is not a Real Estate Company. Can he partner up with another company or person that is not a licensed agent to form a Bird dogging Company? What precautions would you suggest the indivdual takes in setting up this type of company? Thanks in advance for your input.