Bird Dogging in PA

I am new to the game and have little experience and limited funds. I feel that Bird Dogging properties is a good way for me to learn some in and outs before going all in. Also, I am a contracter so finding good deals and stearing them to an investor seems to be a good way to increase my work volume and build capital to do my own flip. Here are my questions.

Where would be the best place to get the needed form, whose are good?(Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Specific)

What would be a realistic fee to charge for this service in my area?
(For a deal that is well prepared, accurate repair est., Comps, DOM, etc.)

Also I wanted to include in my detailing of the deal estimates for repairs needed that I would honor in event the investor decided to do them. Good idea, bad idea, input please.

Thanks to all who respond or take time to read this.