Bird dogging in MD...Illegal???

I’ve looked at the MD. RE Commission web site and can’t seem to find any info on whether this is prohibited in the state of Maryland. Does anyone know if bird dogging’s illegal here in Maryland?

Also, can you recommend some good startup information on jobbing other than Barry Grimes? (I’m reading the free ebook now)


I’m not qualified to give leagal advice, but in general, bird dogs are a threat to realtors, and will be discouraged as “illegal” by most realtors. In Florida, I’ve been told that to “broker” a property sale without a license is illegal. Here’s how we keep it clean:
My bird dogs actually sign the contract to buy the property in their names, “… and / or assigns.” Then they simply assign the contract to me, and receive an assignment fee at closing. As far as I know, assignments are legal in any state.

Please let me know if you hear otherwise. Good Luck!


Alright…like a wholesaler.