bird dogging in atlanta ga.

first things first.
ive left several posts on this site in the last few weeks. the replies and personal e-mails have poured in by the bucket loads. i think we all are pretty lucky to have a site like this to use. thank you everybody.
now, i live just north of atlanta ga. i want to find a mentor on the subject of bird dogging. im new to re and need a little help and direction. i was thinking that by learning to bird dog, i would learn more about the business, and put a little extra in the bank from time to time. i think this could turn out to be a win/win , for the right person and myself. what’s the best way to do this?

Hi, if you’re from georgia, you should check out the forum on There are lots of investors looking for birddogs and willing to train you. Check it out.

thank you for your info. ive tried the gareia forums. thousands of people read, but nobody replies. besides, theres way to much advertising there. i hope that if this great forum ever becomes like gareia’s, that somebody puts a stop to it. i mean its unreal. theres no real enjoyment. this site is by far the best. the people on here are really helpful, and they dont care how long youve been in the business. THIS SITE AND ITS PEOPLE REALLY ROCK ! thank you everybody for taking the time out to reply to not just my posts, but to everybodys.
theres so much one can learn on here in just a very short time. everybody is willing to help everybody as much as they can. on this site, everybody seems willing to give back, and they tend to take special care to the newbies too. i even had an investor call me up long distance last night, on his dime mind you, and offer to help as much as he can. never, ever, asked for anything in return. no thats called looking out for the next guy! he knows who he is, and i am extremely greatful for his time and insight on my future, and rei. thank you !

I have been trying to get on the website for 2 days now and am unable to get on. Is this the correct website address?
heres the link. sorry about that

I am a fairly new investor in North Atlanta, and have partners in an LLC. I asked for bird dogs on Ga Reia, and didn’t get one response.