bird dogging in arizona

Hey, I just wanted to know if bird dogging in arizona, maricopa county, is illegal.
I was told it was and want to start building my team but i dont want to get in trouble by governemtn or real estate LAW…

:bobble You need to check the laws in that state, because most states it is not illegal to do property locating.

Its not illegal as I’ve done a couple deals here. You shouldnt have any problem.

Why birddogging would ever be illegal? All you are doing is trying to find properties and pass the leads on to an investor. I can’t think of any reason why this would be illegal.

One thing to remember though… A real estate professional can’t pay a non-real estate professional for leads. This may have been the context of the conversation you had…

PS: I am in Arizona, Maricopa county and I have never heard that birddogging was illegal here.

Good luck!