Bird Dogging Illegal?

I’ve been searching google, and I’ve been getting some mixed information between websites. I read that bird dogging is illegal, but not in texas? I’m from the south suburbs of chicago, and I was wondering if anyone is from this area, or if anyone knows this is true? ::slight_smile:

I am from Chicago suburbs, and in RE investing for a few years, haven’t ever done the bird dog thing, tho. However, I can’t see how it could be illegal, it’s just people going scouting for investment opps for you. You hire them as independent agents, and pay them whatever you agree upon. What part of that could be illegal? Where did you hear that?

Ok, I guess it isn’t illegal, tried to find the website again, but only found ones that show it is legal. So all is good to go, I just need to start this. Anyone know what my first step should be?

Haha, your first step would probably be bird dogging…just what you were asking about, or you could go into wholesaling, thats always a good way.