Bird dogging how to's and how not to's?

Hello, I am totally new to this process of real estate investing. I am pleading total ignorance and request your assistance in educating myself. I have heard it said that bird dogging for someone else (an investor for instance) is a good way to get started. I would appreciate any information you can provide about the subject. I am especially interested in what type of information an investor or other business would like to see in a bird dogs offering. Any how to or how not to tips would be greatly appreciated. If I ask a question that seems impertinent or offensive please chalk it up to my ignorance and proceed to educate me. Thank you in advance.

A bird dog searches for properties that the investor would be interested in buying. If the bird dog gives the investor a good lead and the investor is able to close on the deal, then the investor would give the bird dog a finder’s fee.

In general a bird dog fee is 500-1000. Yes there is no risk as a bird dog, but it’s a lot of work for not much pay.

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where can i find the advertising on this site for a birdogger?