Bird Dogging Essential Info!?


I am finally going to be starting my career in Real Estate! I will be initially performing bird dogging deals due to the lack of risk and the amount of information I will get by involving myself in the process. I have a BIG question that I would greatly appreciate being addressed from someone more knowledgable them myself…

What are the necessary questions and NUMBERS that I need to have organized and avaliable for my buyers? I understand this will vary based on who my buyer is however I am sure their is a standard set of information that most want and need to know. If someone could please refer me to a thread that may already have this information or reply with the necessary information I would be indebted.

Thank you all for the great resources that you all are.

Hull Investments-

  1. Figure out your farm area
  2. Find the buyers in that area
  3. Go into 100 homes in that area to make sure you know the ARV’s
  4. .65xARV-repairs = where your investors will want to be. (Philadelphia)
  5. Recheck your ARV and repairs before bringing it to an investor. Don’t waste a good buyers time by bringing them a property at the wrong number

Here is a really good article on how to be successful at being a bird dog.