Bird dogging as a realtor

How, being creative can I earn extra cash as a realtor doing birddogging also?

Howdy Sloan:

As a Realtor agent under a Realtor Broker you need to clear any of this with them.

Help find comps. Search sold MLS listing for investors and help them compare the property they are considering to other sold listings i the same area. You could collect a flat rate for this say $25 to $50.

Expired listings: Send lists each week to investors of expired listings. Some investors love this list especially sub2 guys looking for low equity deals. Perhaps same potential income.

Unlisted property for sale: Perhaps you can not list a house, you could get a referal fee from an investor for each house they buy. You may get at least $500 for a name and address on deals like this.

If you have a listing offer the investor a discount on the fee if he buys more than one or even offer the first deal at the listing fee only or that fee plus a few hundred.

Just being flexable and thinking outsied the box will get you more income. All I heard when I was a Realtor is rates are not fixed by the Board or Real Estate Commission but it sure was surprising how many times I heard our standard rate is the same as everybody else and is fixed at 6%. e different and make more money doing more deals.

Here is another example of this. If Time werner would drop their price on Pay per view from $4 to $1 I would watch a different movie every night giving them $30 per month income extra. I have yet to watch one at $4. Use this math to make 28 times more money

Good luck