Bird Doggin in the ATL

Hello Everyone,

I have been Bird Doggin now for about a month and I have found plenty of properties. My problem is I cannot always locate the owner of the Property.

Many of these properties are in Fulton Co. and the tax assesor’s site does not show the Tax Billing Address. People searches and reverse searches are not always successful and I don not have access to MLS… (Property location information and pics)

Any information would be useful.

A site I have found useful for find sellers is the following:

However, you will have to pay to use the service. But, you
will get results.

One method I have tried, with decent results, is to mail
letters to the neighbors of the property that is vacant or abandoned.
Tell them you need to talk to the owner and wouldn’t you love to get
rid of that ugly eyesore of an ugly vacant house ( if that is the case ) …
Tell them you are investor and are involved in improving properties
so they are nice again – this is true even if you are bird dogging as you
are getting the investor involved who will be doing this work

Anyways, a quick answer. Hope it helps.