bird dog

I am a bird dog, thinking of going for my real estate license. Which brings me to a question. If a bird dog finds a buyer for a property which is what we do, we have the investor, we find the property and assign it to an investor, then we receive a fee for that, don’t we need a license to do that?

As far as I know, Birddogs don’t assign deals to investor. This would mean that the birddog would be paid upfront, which is not common. Birddogs are normally paid when the deal is closed. Now if you set up the deal, get the property under contract, do all the footwork required, and then assign it to the investor, then that’s a different story. Then you are wholesaling via assignment contracts, not birddogging. You do not need a license for that…

See this posting I did a while ago on Birddogging:,31214.0.html

Bird dogs are not in the business of selling property, they are in the business of selling information about property. All a bird dog does is point out to the investor potential deals (thus the name “bird dog”)…