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im interested in learning how to bird dog. does anybody know where i can look to find info on this subject? does anybody know of barry j grimes course on bird dogging?
jobber course he calls it i think. is it worth the money? is his info correct and in “the real world” situations? can anybody point me in the right direction here ? ive read reviews on john locke’s course. it left much to be desired at best, was the way most people sum it up. can anybody help ?

Barry Grimes course is worth every penny! I bought it and after reading it, wrote him a note saying it was the best grass roots information I had found on the subject. I don’t know Barry Grimes - I’m just a user like you.

The course comes on a tiny little CD. At first, I thought I had been had. But the CD is packed with about 200 pages of “getting started” information including How to find real estate investors who will pay you to find properties, Getting Started (Building Your Business), Taking Action. He also includes templates that I have personally used. One is a contract that I use with my clients that says they agree to pay me 3% of the purchase price if my lead closes. I’m probably doing a little more than the average bird dog does. I call myself a Lead Generation Service. I’m a licensed real estate agent, so I actually analyze the deal against comps in the multiple list system and determine if the property is even worth turning over the client for further investigation. I actually put together a proposal that I send to my potential clients outlining my services. If they like what they see, I proceed with the contract. To date, I’ve signed on with 2 investment groups (1 group of 50 investors and 1 group of 11 investors) Each group is managed by an LLC and my contract is with the owner of the LLC, not the investor direct. I forward my leads to the LLC and they find a match with one of their investors. If it goes to settlement, I get paid. You have to trust the relationship you have with the LLC. The first time you don’t get paid, you stop doing business with them. Believe me, you will know if a deal you presented went to closing. If you are suspicious, you can check the public record to see when it last transferred title. Reputable investors will not try to cut you out because they will be black balled from the community if word gets out they cheated you. The Barry Grimes course helped me to develop my guidelines and gave me good stuff to get started with. I can’t say that for some of the other snake oil salesmen out there. Don’t waste your money on expensive boot camps. Most of the stuff they are selling you can be found FREE on the web if you look hard enough. Barry Grimes gives you hand on, ready to “hit the road running” information. Hope this helps you. I’m new to this too, but not new to real estate. Get your creative juices working for you and determine a need for your services in your area. That’s what I’ve done and so far, within the last 3 months, it is beginning to take seed. Good luck.

ok now. grimes claims theres over 900 pages in his course, is this true? i see lots of bird dog needs on sites. we are all asking the same questions. i think if they read your responces to my questions, alot of questions will be answered for lots of people. ive been putting off barry’s course for a while for fear of being taken. i dont have money to waste on garbage courses, or boot camps. if you happen to know of any other web sites i can go to, please share. im starting to think barry’s course is what im looking for. if you can give me any more pointers, i would be again greatful to you DBS.

I just looked at my book again and there are 500+ pages in it and there are templates on the CD that I didn’t print out. I keep them on my hard drive. The Mid Atlantic Real Estate Investors website ( bulletin board answers lots of questions about bird dogging as well as The Creative Investor ( site. This website, REI, has just about the best of all three. I personally do not waste money on courses. You can get bombarded with everyone trying to sell you their “proven” method. The only method “proven” is the one that puts a check in my hand. The only thing I can tell you is that I was very satisfied with Barry Grimes information. It wasn’t overpriced and it was filled with useable information.

:o wow i am learning lots of information from this forums. I am considering buying the grimes book and cd. I could use the extra cash and i am constantly driving around in old and new neighborhoods while waiting on my clients to land at the airport.

ive visited other forums and have heard nothing but positive things about grimes course. if you read the
jobber 101, ( ebook) you will find he offers a relaxed easy to follow, easy to understand course on bird dogging.

Does Barry Grimes course have any information on the transition from bird dog to dealer or retailor? I picked up “Flipping Properties” by Bronchick as a book to explain the basics but I’m just starting off and I think bird dogging might be the jump start into REI as right now I don’t have funds to start dealing or retailing properties.

Also does anyone know possible income potential if one is bird dogging full time?

i just got the course last night. (barry j grimes )
i havent yet had the chance to start it. i can tell you one thing at this point, its packed full of info, documents, and software. it even came with a couple of e-books to boot.
i figured that if i were to learn more than i already knew, (which wasnt a whole lot) plus all the software, and the included e-books, how could i go wrong for $100.00
theres gotta be close to 1,000 pages here. im not even sure ive opened everything yet. its gonna take some time to go through this course.

Trust me - you won’t be disappointed.

couple questions, DBS what is an LLC?

secondly has anyone heard of Robert J. Abalos? He’s supposedly a well known experienced realtor and author.

He has this program on bird dogging:

Both Barry’s course and Robert’s course are the same price but I’m interested in some of these topics Robert claims to cover:

legal guide
getting paid fast
becoming an investor
getting paid multiple times on same deal

I’m torn with which course to get because these are definitely some interesting topics that I am not sure Barry covers in his course. DBS, any input???

LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation. Investors will generally set themselves up as an LLC to protect their family by limiting their liability to only the assets of their business - in case they were to be sued.

As for the author you referenced, I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of him so I can’t pass an opinion. I do know, however, that John Cash Locke is another very good bird dog guru. You might want to check into his stuff as well.

Close. LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. All corporations are a method of limiting liability.


secondly has anyone heard of Robert J. Abalos? He's supposedly a well known experienced realtor and author.
In response to this question, I ran into this forum:

I also researched his company on the BBB. He has an unsatifactory record.

Thanks for the replies!

I decided to go with Barry Grimes’ course after reading his free e-book. I like his writing style and has received many compliments regarding his real estate jobbing course. I’m looking forward to getting started in the real estate business.

I am a investor from the Northern NJ area, I currently have 3 bird dogs that I use. Pending on the deal, I usually pay between 1,000 - 5,000. My area of speciality is Northern NJ. More dogs, the better. Thats how I see it…

  • David T.

Hi David…I can understand the more the better. All you do is sit back and get the leads. I don’t plan on “bird dogging” for more than 6 months but I can’t make money without money so this is a good option to at least recognize and find good deals and investors because…

I really want to get into double closeing and wholesaling, at least through my last year of college. Do you have any tips for me as a beginner just getting into real estate? Also, is it possible if the cards are played out correctly, to walk away from a double close without putting any of my own money down on a deal? I’m just starting to read some real estate books but I really enjoy these forums as a place to learn…

Getting into birddogging myself I had a question for you. AS a birddogger do I go around and look for distressed properties and then forward those to my investors? Or does the birddog go out and find “motivated sellers” that have FSBO? What exactly does the birddogger look for?

My requirement would be to have the bird dog go around and look for “Distressed Properties” only. Remember, Distressed Properties=Motivated Sellers. Motivated Sellers does not always mean distress properties. I don’t work with realtors in this situation. Simply because My Purchase Agreement contains the assignment clause just incase if I want to flip. Realtor contracts “DO NOT HAVE THIS CLAUSE.” Yes, I look at FSBO’s and FRBO’s.(For Rent By Owners) I don’t look for leads from Bird Dogs. I coach the bird dog to tie the property under my requirements and flip it over to me. As long as the deal is good. ALSO, I have the Bird Dogs to go out and look for unhappy landlords who wants to sell their units as well.

For every bird dog, I use partnership agreements that I fax to them. They sign and fax back to me. By doing this, they know they will get paid. The partnership agreement is structured so either I or the bird won’t lose out. Its protection on both sides. Since I require the bird dog to do more, I pay them more $$$. Its between $1,000 - $10,000 per deal executed guaranteed…

  • David T.

DBS, I have a question for you. I just received Barry Grimes course and read volume 1 and skimmed 2. I was curious, how long ago did you actually finish the ebook and apply the ideas? I know in this thread you said its really only came together the past 3 months…I know I have a lot of work ahead of me I’d just like to know what to expect in terms of how long it took to consistantly getting multiple paid leads a month…thanks for the input so far!