Bird dog? what is it

I have been on this site for about 2 weeks now, and I still don’t know what “bird dogging” is…can someone please explain?

a bird dog is some one who finds deals and gives the investor the lead. if the property is bought, then he/she pays you for your service. in short.


Ok thank you, so bird dogging would be easy in Atlanta, you think?

bird dogging is not an easy job. you’ll get 300 no’s before you get a yes maybe. bird dogging is a numbers game.
rei is a numbers game. always has been, always will be. theres no changing that aspect of it. bird dogging is hard work. takes a lot of time to get your system down. takes a lot of time to weed through the want to be investors to find the major players in the game. and thats just the beginning too. but, if done right, the rewards are great, to say the very least. bird dogging can be used as a stepping stone to other areas of rei too.

So when you find a property, who do you refer it to to get it bought? Do you randomly find investors or do you have an investor that you specifically work with? I guess I have been bird dogging for the last couple of months without even knowing it. And are you getting the 300 no’s from the investor or homeowner? Please explain…

both and both. you can find investors at random if you like. most b.dogs want to work with several, but select investors. these investors are repeat clients. you get to know them and what type of property they invest in. this way, when you find a property, theres a good chance you have an investor in mind for it already. but theres those who find a property, then search for a buyer quickly. it all depends on how you set up your business. the 300 “no’s” will come from both ends of the deal. its got to be a win/win/win deal