Bird dog vs. Realtor

As I understand it, a bird dog is someone that finds properties and leads for investors in exchange for money, mentoring, or both. How is this much different than an investor working with a Realtor whose job is to find properties and close sales for a commission? And aren’t Realtors at a huge advantage vs non-Realtor bird dogs because of their marketing and access to MLS?

I apologize in advance if this question is just stupid :banghead but i’ve done a forum search and can’t seem to find the answer.


The bird dog is looking for everything, distressed, inheirited, probated, NOD's, Defaults, Walk Away's, Unfinished, Deserted and Abandoned properties where all the real estate agent can see is what's in the MLS system for sale.

With todays information technologies a tech savy bird dog can find more properties just from the standpoint of time while the real estate agent is showing homes, writing contracts, previewing open house’s and attending sales meetings as these agents are really looking for available listed properties meeting there buyers objectives and needs, which are related to getting to know specific neighborhoods or area’s they work in.

The other side of course of an agent is listing a clients property for sale, and trying to sell that property.

Don’t apologize for wanting to learn, every question is valid if you don’t know the answer!

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A bird dog is selling information, a Realtor is selling Real Estate.


Also depending on your area and average home price, you can be looking at much cheaper service with a birddog. As GR Mentioned a birddog is going to be the person who delivers a good lead (A Home with Equity, that the homeowner is willing to sell at a discount). A Realtor is more likely to just give you a list of properties and not know much about the equity or how ready the homeowner is to sell.