Bird Dog turned Virtual Assistant. Good or Bad idea?

I’m not sure if i’m on the right track, and I wanted to know if any other bird dogs have done this.

I’ve been Bird Dogging for years now, and have become a master at it. But I’m tired of all the footwork involved. I’ve been through the Carlton Sheets ‘No Down Payment’ and Cris Chiso’s ‘Virtual Wholesaling’ course.

I understand Real Estate Investing as if it were always second nature to me. Same with computers. I would like to combine the two because I think my services could be invaluable to a Real Estate Investor.

So, is it a good or bad idea to try being a virtual assistant given all the Virtual Assistant corporations out there I have to compete with? Or should I stick to Bird Dogging?

Here’s a copy of my craigslist ad:

[i]My name is Christopher Olson. I am also a Computer Geek turned Entrepreneur. I’ve been doing Home Remodeling & Construction since I was old enough to walk. I have been studying Real Estate Investing for the past 3 years, and I have special knowledge and training that enable me to do the following for any market in the United States:

-Automate Your Real Estate Investing Business
Spend your time more effectively by only speaking to motivated buyers and sellers. I will set you up to invest successfully in any market in the united states, automate the whole process for you, and teach you or your existing VA to run it or even run it for you!

-Direct Mailing Campaigning
-Write Letters
-Do Market Analysis & Research
-Run Comps
-Find SOLID Cash Buyers List in any Market
-Find Sellers in ANY Market
-Skip Tracing For Finding Sellers
-Calling Buyers & Sellers
-Follow Ups (Key To An Successful Business)
-Internet Marketing & Research
-Incorporate a Bird Dog Lead Generation Program
-VA Training
-Appointment Setting
-Generate Reports
-Get you Legal Advice
-Build you a Website
-Do Inspections on Potential Buys (local only)

My rates are from $8.00 an hour to $25.00 an hour.
For more information, please leave your Name, Number, Best time to reach you, and a Brief description of your business needs.

I think this is a great idea. I was thinking about doing the same thing except you have a lot more computer experience than I do.

Yes, give this a try. There are real estate investors out there that need a qualified Virtual Assistant to handle day-to-day operations while they focused on dealing with buyers and sellers…or rehabbing properties.

Your only competition probably will be third world country VAs who specializes in real estate investing niches will do this type of work for pennies on a dollar. But if you do quality work and experienced, your clients should be willing to pay your price as a VA.

Good luck to you. :biggrin

Christopher, I have to say I am interested because your services sound amazing. I have to ask though, wouldn’t it be more profitable for you to turn wholesaler yourself since you have the entire process down? It seems like most people that hire VA’s do so overseas at pennies on the dollar.

Christopher, it seems like a good idea, given that you have so much knowledge and everything you have to offer. But it’s so easy to outsource VA’s from other countries at pennies to a dollar these days, particularly at $2-$3 per hour. I currently have 5 VA’s myself. These workers from the Philippines are very competent and their English is great! So in the end, dealing with competition in looking for an employer might be a bit of a challenge for you.

Obviously, cost will be at the top of anyone’s priority when looking to hire an employee or outsource a service. Since you have some really good background and knowledge about it, why don’t you look into getting into Wholesaling yourself?

However, since you can go to the property and do inspection, that will be your edge!

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Wow you have 5 VAs!! thats… 2+2+2+2+2=$10 an hour, what do you do? rehab? hold? wholesale?


This might be a different idea, but why don’t you create a course or an ebook about how to leverage VA’s to do all what you said you can do. Then sell that product?

Then for an “upsell” you can offer one on one coaching for the person and their VA for a price. That sounds like a lot more fun and profitable model then earning 8 to 25 bucks an hour.

Plus it has some passive income in it as well.

Just my 2 cents…