Bird dog Realtors

Hello all,

We are a real estate investment company with capital to invest and buy REO’s and are looking at finding bird dog Realtors that are interested in referring us properties.
Any suggestions on how we can get some referrals?



i’m looking to how to find owners for abandon homes , where do i go to find the owner

Where are you located?

You can always Check the County Records for their Tax information. Also I work with a company that does Skip Tracing. Very Difficult application process but well worth it. Their Skip tracing results are 95% and I only have a 15% mail return rate instead of 55%.

Tells us more about using skip tracers, what does it cost? Is it worth it?
Are they national or regional. Can you cut us their company name?
I know I cud be doing more deals if I can only find the sellers. Tax records usually just show their mailing address as the same as the vacant house. I always send a letter to that address and it usually comes back un deliverable. Even with address correction requested.