Bird dog marketing

Has anyone put up flyers to attract bird dogs? If so, how did you advertise how you’d pay them? Per lead or per deal, etc?

I had some great success advertising in the college newspaper classifieds. Many students would love a flexible job that pays better than the average college town wages. These papers are cheap to advertise in.

I stated that a car was a must, the hours were flexible, and sales experience was extremely helpful. I didn’t give my phone number. I just gave a fax and an e-mail and told them to send a resume if they were interested. This narrowed it down to the most interested prospects and saved me time.

I then interviewed each and was very clear that they made money when I made money. I told them I would have them meet with notices of default and pay them $1500 when I bought a house and then another $1500 when they helped me sell it (put up signs, take calls, check on the house, etc.)

Hope that gives you some ideas.