Bird-Dog Knowlege

Okay I have been Reading the Forums recently, and im intrested in bird-dogging, What i do understand about it is, you find deals for investors and they pay you a comission for helping them. My questions are:

Is there a Book or article or reading out there I can learn all the details about The paper aspects of bird-dogging the contracts and all the legal stuff that goes along with it.

How does a newbie find a deal an investor can not? is it something time consuming the investor needs help with?

Any Input from Experienced Bird-Doggers would be great, im very very new and just starting out and Im sure there is more to it than just finding and investor and giving him a deal. I want the real ins and out of bird-Dogging Any help please.

As far as info about bird-dogging, go to the articles section of this site, there are two articles about bird-dogging. The reason you would find deals investors won’t is because it is difficult for an investor to be getting deals under contract and go out looking for deals. The most basic form of bird-dogging is driving around looking for properties that your investor might be interested in. It is VERY time consuming. If you really want to get started as a bird dog I would suggest calling one of those I buy houses numbers and talk to the investor or go to an investor group meeting and network. I am sure you will be able to find at least one investor who is looking for a bird dog.

smart to begin as a bdog, most of us did. I did a few then went right into wholesaling for several thousand more. But I had read and reread steve cooks book on wholesaling for quick cash, so I was ready to move to the second phase naturally. the book is worth its weight in gold. think it can be bought here. I did 65 deals the past 20 months thanks to that book. fyi

I know john cash locke both guys post here, but he has a bdog book he wrote, my guess is is real good, as I also know of john fairly well.

Not hocking there matiericals more hocking education, and thats what you get when you buy the right cousres.

Bdoggen is about finding the right areas that investors buy or feed in, once you know that, stay in that area find the deals and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH INVESTORS who are open minded, kind, thoughful, and have the abliity to close, you two will make alot of cash…at least thats how I did my numbers you saw.

have fun,