Bird dog in Philly

I am a new RE investor and am having trouble working with realtors in the Philly area. Has anyone else had these problems or used bird dogs to help them in this area?

When uou say problems, what are you referring to? Are they attempting to find properties for you?

I am saying I am having a hard time finding realtors that want to work with me because I am looking to purchase props under 100k. Maybe because there isn’t enough commission in it for them? Do you know of any realtors that you work with that are any good? Have you tried birddogs to find deals for you?

Not sure exactly what type of properties you’re interested in, but you may want to try browsing through and plug in the price range and zip codes for your search. Even if the property isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, take down the realtor’s info since you know they handle listings in your price range.

yeah, i have been doing that and hopefully will be looking at some soon, thanks