Bird Dog for Atlanta Investors

First, I want to thank all the folks that post on here! I’ve learned so much about Bird Dogging from reading all the great responses.

Second, I am looking for investors to work with in the Atlanta area. I am new, but I want to learn all that I can. I already have a small list compiled of abandonded homes in Clayton Co. Now what?? I have some with names, some with phone numbers, some with nothing but the property address. Anyone have a letter that they send to the property owner?

Third, to all the Bird Dogs, do most of you work with several investors? I have had some investors offer to train me but don’t want me to work with anyone else. Has this happened to anyone else? I figure if it does not meet one investor’s criteria, that it might meet that of another. And if you do work with more than one, do you let them know up front? Because I would, and I just wanted to know how you all do it.


I have started with a big list however the list is getting smaller starting to figure out who is going to help me advance and who isnt.

I am finding that I am actually developing something with about 5 of them and the good thing is they all are looking for different things.

The key is to find someone who can come through in buying and willing to teach you .

Bird dogging is great though…I love it…but it is just a stepping stone for the time being.

Also Forgot to mention…

Go to this sites classifieds section and you can advertise for free there as a bird dog seeking investors…I got about 4 emails from it so it may help you.

LOL, just did that too!!