Bird Dog Cold Call Form

I am gonna start calling the FSBO’s in my neighborhood on monday from the papers ad’s. Does anyone have a list of questions or a form that I can use when pre-screening properties to bird dog for a rehabber?

If so please PM me with your email address and I will contact you about getting the form.

Thanks a lot,


The most important part is the price if you can find out what they need for the house, and if its 60% of what its worth then you have a deal.

yea but still I need some flow, and I am starting off, just wanna know what the bases are to cover?

Someone has to have a form made up or something.

I don’t have a script, but when I first started, I wrote down some questions out that will help me find what I need to know.

  • why are they selling?

  • how soon do they need to sell (kind of an offshoot of the first question)

  • what is their payoff amount?

  • are there any repairs to be done to the property?

  • how flexible are they on the price?

I find that when I ask these questions you find out things that will either help you negotiate a favorable price or decide not to go further with the house.