Bird dog Beginner

[s][/s] does anyone know where I can get a generic copy of A Bird dog Contract ?


Normally the investor you bird dog for will have an agreement worded with terms and conditions that meet that individual investors requirements. 

It would probable be rare for the bird dog to provide an agreement to the investor!


You don’t need a contract. You need a deal. Worry about finding a deal.

I like to do things bass ackwards, every book I got told how important it was to get a buyers list first. Or, according to the books, you wont have anyone to sell it to & you wont be able to sleep at night etc. etc. bla bla.

But I went out and found deals first. I wud find these insane deals on these junk fixers for 30-40% ARV, post them on Craig’s List and holy crap, I was often overwhelmed with cash buyers calling and fighting over the deals. Of course which soon led to a list of eager cash buyers.

I have a simple contract for the sellers to sign and I have another simple contract to assign the deal to my cash buyer.
How easy is that?

Let’s make some Money…


Hi Rando,

Wow I was thinking the same thing…looking for good deals and posting them to get the cash buyers and actually make money in addition to building the cash buyers list. How many deals have you gotten in this backwards strategy? I’m just curious as I thinking of going that route as well.

Let me know.

Thank you,

In the 3 1/2 years I’ve been wholesaling RE I’ve done about 45 deals, I did 4 last month and made $28,200
I know I can do more and better.
I have 4 more deals scheduled to close this month. I got a couple of ladies that are out bird dogging for me. I also do the bandit signs and direct mail.
Last year I made $93,000 and I expect to do better this year, in fact every year has progressively improved. I’m getting better at negotiating, better at evaluating deals.
I try to engage every one I see to get involved, my city is huge and the junk houses are abundant. But, for some insane reason they continue to work these low paying jobs and struggle.
I still am in shock how easy it sometimes is, and how me a chewed up ex construction working can make this kind of money and help my family and enjoy my new hobbies and all the time off.
I know you guys can do it too.

Thank you Rando so much for sharing your positive experiences. I will take that and push hard and I know once I do my first deal even if its not a huge profit I know I’m on my way to becoming debt free and to help others as well.

Appreciate all your feedback.

Thank you,

Dreambig104 :slight_smile:

I’m heading to the bank today, Title Company’s check cleared yesterday, to get my bird dog her $2,000 in cash.
I’ll have her fan out the bills and I’ll take a photo to add to my scrap book.
She’s a single Mom and it’s going to feel really good to give her this money.
She confided in me that her family thought she was crazy for driving neighborhoods and working her tail off for somebody that promised to pay her 2 grand and she wud probably get ripped off.
Well, it’s time to shut up those negative losers.
Let’s make some Money…