Bird Dog Agreement Form?


Does anyone have an agreement used when using Bird Dogs?

Any help will be appreciated.

Send me a private message with your email address. I have one.



Hey blueboxer sorry to bother you but would you be able to send me one also if i pm’ed you…?

I had one in PDF format, I am still looking for it,(I have soooo many forms) I will send it to anyone who needs it.

If you want one of these forms, please send “blueboxer” an e-mail or a PM…



I found them, I have sent it to those who have request it. If anyone else needs it, let me know.

I have it both in PDF and Microsoft Word Format. I can send either, I prefer to send the Microsoft Word, because you can tailor it to your own, and maybe add your letterhead.

Let me know which one. Please send me a PM, I dont have my email listed, because I dont want search engines picking it up.

blueboxer you have pm.

All sent.

All sent.

Remember to include your email address.

Hey BlueBoxer…I just sent ya a PM…Hope I can still get the form from ya.



This wont expire, as long as I have time I will send everyone who ask the form.

Right now I am pursuing 2 properties, so please except the form after 7pm est, because I am working all throughout the day.

Thanks for the form BlueBoxer…Got it last week…Appreciate it.


Please remember to include your email address.

Im new and I would like a form for Bird Dog… I am very new… Thanks

Sorry, better late then never…Blueboxer check your PM.



May I have a copy of your Bird Dog Form, if ot’s not to later?

Thank You

What part of “If you want one of these forms, please send “blueboxer” an e-mail or a PM…” is incomprehendable???


My guess would be the part where it says, “If you want one of these forms, please email or PM” but I’m just guessing. :slight_smile:

Seriously people, all you need is a state standard independent agent/contractor form, that is, if you even want to bother with one.


Roger J and kdhastedt:

I really don’t think those responses were neccessary—Do YOU??

Uh…No, which was exactly the point, JLT.

Blueboxer and kd both asked that you either email or pm for the form instead of post after post after post of “give it to me! give it to me!” tying up the forum.

Don’t get us wrong. Kd and I both appreciate Blue for sharing, but ask for it and thank him in an email or pm as instructed so these forums aren’t blasted with this.