Billboards / Radio / TV ???

Anyone use local billboards, radio or tv?

If so, would you mind sharing what your results have been and what your cost per lead /deal have been?

I have just set up a billboard on interstate 94 last week. It has a toll free number and a web site refference. Both of which will let me know the number of visitors. I will let you know what the numbers are after a month if you would like.

Yes, please let me know how it goes.

I am looking in this. Does anyone know the how much billboards run. I guess you could spend as much as you want to on it.

The billboard seems to have brought some 150+ new people to our website the last 18 days. Hope it keeps up at this pace.
It has an 800 number and our website on it with a nice picture.
Since we sell lake shore property I designed a picture of a girl catching a 5 foot walleye from a beach. Real attention getter.

150+ website views sounds good. What kind of conversion rates are you seeing?