Bill Duquette's Loan Modification Program

Has anyone had any experience using Bill Duquette’s Loan Modification program? I’ll be honest, like all these programs it just seems too good to be true, so I did a little research on my own for how much competition is out there.

Local Craigslist search for “Loan Modification” under services resulted in 50 ads
Local Craigslist search for “Loan Modification Free Analysis” under services resulted in 2 ads

Google for “Loan Modification” 3 top ads, 12 side ads
Google for “Loan Modification Free Analysis” 2 top ads, 2 side ads

So the real trick is getting folks into the the right search criteria I would say, because the competition is way to hot and heavy on the general Loan Modification search terms.

So what I’m looking for is – has anyone bought his program, and had any (even if limited) success with it. He doesn’t even have testimonials in his own marketing, which is a bit different from other gurus.

My guess is maybe your Bill Duquette?

Just a stab but, when someone says “I’ll be honest” and no one is asking, that usually means your simply answering an internal voice that says “your not being honest”

I could be wrong but…

LOL. No, I’m Daniel Rymer. If you do a simple google of “zhunzi”, you’ll find my name attached to that handle all over.

Yes, that was pretty assumptive. If I were making a post about myself, I would have made it sound a lot better about my service and not emphasize how many others there are out there.

Bill Duquette only sells the affiliation with the company that does the loan mods. (I think) I recently affiliated with that company and have liked what I have seen so far. However, I have only been in for a couple of weeks. Their training was more or less on how to qualify someone and how & what to submitt to them so they can complete the loan mod.


Greg Garcia

I have a friend in the loan modification business who spends 12k per month on Google PPC and his cost per lead is $40 which is ridiculous. Anything has to be better than that. Is Bill’s Program a marketing program for loan modifications or just an affiliation like Greg said with a company that helps you process the loan modification? The toughest part is marketing for the homeowners not the processing of the files. There are tons of great companies to do that.

what company does he work with?

I work with a non profit company. much easier to sell thier program less people think it is a scam. Pay is less, however, we are finding more clients at a faster rate. Dont know if I am allowed to post the company name on here or not, so I wont.

What I want to know, does Bill Duquette have a good product and service that will help people and make us money while helping others, at the same time.

Terence Young