Bill Bronchick's Seminar/Workshop

Can anyone who has been to his workshop give some feedback on whether it’s worth going to or not? I’m thinking about signing up for the May 10 seminar in Dallas and wanted some insight before doing so.

By way of background, I’m a newbie investor who has yet to do my first deal. Is this worth my time and money?


I don’t know which one of Bill’s workshops you are talking about but I can’t imagine any of his events not being worthwhile.

I got my start with his materials and think they all are top of the line stuff. I have seen him speak many times and attended a workshop of his (happened to be in Dallas, too) on asset protection a couple of years ago as well.

Never been disappointed with anything he has put out yet. I would say by all means go. Very knowledgable investor/attorney.

I second William’s opinion… :biglaugh

It seems at workshops and conventions, more is learned at the bar than in the action workshop!

Overall, I think Bill’s material is great. I’ve got just about everything he sells! He’s a great speaker, too. Funny and smart.