Bill Bronchick

Has anyone gotten his Alternative Real Estate Financing course. Is it any good. Is it worth the $500. Is there any other books that you would recommend that deals mostly in owner financing properties.

I’ve heard nothing but good about the Alternative Financing course.
I guess only you would be able to decide if it’s worth it or not.
It’s not if you fork out $500 and not put it to use.

I was just wondering other peoples opinions on the course. Is it mostly just a motivational course or is it filled with information I can actually put to use.

I have the predecessor course to AREF called “How to Create a Real Estate Cash Cow”. It was the first course I ever bought and it has played a huge role in my investing career. Virtually everything I learned from that course I still use today and it’s highly likely that I wouldn’t be doing the type of investing I’m doing if it wasn’t for it.

I personally find Bronchick very motivational to listen to but the Cash Cow course (and I assume AREF as well) is 100% nuts and bolts.

The one complaint I do have about the course (and I hope this has been rectified in AREF) is that it’s VERY weak on the marketing side of things. Basically one or two pages out of the whole course.

I bought other marketing courses so it didn’t matter in the end and at the risk of bragging, I believe I’ve pretty much mastered the art and science of selling houses. Although I’m still working on the buying side to make it more efficent and effective.

Anyway, if AREF is as good as I’ve heard I would say $500 is a steal. There are lots of similarly priced courses that I wouldn’t use for toilet paper, so you could do far worse!