biggest "duh" question ever, but. . .

I’m not sure so I figured why not ask the experts here?

Can you talk to a seller that has a property listed with an agent? I’m assuming no - the seller has to direct you to contact the agent. I’m just trying to figure out how I MAY be able to get some of the financial info. of the seller/on the house - I’d like to contact directly, but want to make sure it’s not illegal. Would the agent be able to give me those financial items on the seller or not?

Someone confirm to me that it is illegal. That’s what I suspect.

And thanx for the pep talks, they’re helping!

Howdy Immy:

Illegal is not the correct term. It may be considered like the Wedding Crasher Movie if you are not invited you may be asked to leave abruptly. It just is not done without permission from the agent or while they are present. The agent can get you financial info.

You can also get the current liens/judgements filed on the property with a simple search at your county courthouse. It may not give you up-to date info on the current mortgage balances, but it’s a good start. You can also check with the tax assessor to see if the real estate taxes are in arrears.