Big city competition or small town niche'?

I have been wondering and I know many others have too.What in your most educated humble opinions is the most effective investing strategy.Rehab and filp in a big city ie, Dallas,Atlanta,New York,Seattle? where resources are abundant and sales are plentiful But competition is fearce.Or the little town ie , ones with population of 10-15k where there are no investors to speak of ,houses are abundant at greatly discounted prices but resources are minimal and sales are slow?

I think you can do well in either market provided your marketing is well thought out…in a small market there are fewer deals to be had…in a big market there are tons of deals and more competition…but if your marketing sets you apart from the pack…you can do well.

I live in a county of 43k, but they get mailings from the big cities 75 miles away…when I go to someones home in foreclosure…even here the mail they’ve recieved is a big stack…

Don’t be afraid of competition…it just hones your skills.

Just remember there’s a reason that only 10-15k people live in that town. That gives you a really narrow group of potential buyers.