Beware: Scammers using forum to send scam e-mails

I received an e-mail that is a scam.

They are now using the forums to get e-mail addresses to send their scams to!

The sender is Eddie Kuwassi and he mentions that he got $ 8 Mil. and wants to buy properties.

Just be careful!

Happens all of the time…it’s called “farming the forums”.

If you do business with someone that hits you cold via a spam-mail, then you probably deserve what’s coming next!


No, I would not do business with anyone sending spam e-mails.

I just posted it as a warning for everyone.

I did not know that people “farmed the forums”!

Boy, you are not safe anywhere!

Scammers are getting very fresh, I dare say!

If someone is spamming, forward the email to moderators so we can boot em if they’re members. If they aren’t members…time to flame em back I guess.

Hello to all, I’m new to this forum and just this moring I received and email from this person “Edwin Kwaussi”, I didn’t even opened the email, but I didn’t now that he was looking to scam. I didn’t open it because I knew I didn’t know a “E K”. Thanks to the person who posted this caution on this person, good forum-room-police work. Now lets all go make some $$$$$$$$…

:cool yeah there every where and this is the truth

i recived a email not from the person named but someone else and they had the same line i recived a pot of money from what ever thing or death and would like to invest it in your country

i justtold them this was fine but first i was going to have them checked out by my friend at the FBI WOW this was the end of there emails