I am sad to say that I have been a victim of this impostor. I believed in her from the beginning and it is hard to realize that she is a fake. I was mentored by Ms. Diana Fontanez back in Novermber 14, 2005. She informed me that she was mentored personally by Diamond Claude, spent 12k to meet him and spent one on one training with him to learn everything about Lease Option back in 1999. She also told me that she is in a position where she no longger needs to invest, since she is already succesful in the business and has been investing since 1999. After the mentoring, I was curious and visited Mr. Diamond Claude’s website. While scrolling through the site, I saw that there was a course that he offered that teaches someone how to mentor. I contacted him and while speaking to him, he asked if I was interested being mentored by him. I replied that I have already been mentored by Diana Fontanez one of his former students. He checked his records and found no records of her as a former student but she did purchase a course from him in 2001. I have brought the attention to Mr. Claude and he has contacted Ms. Diana about this. Please be careful on who you get your mentoring from. I don’t want another person to get scammed by this person. Have a great night everyone!

Here is some of the replies from the E-mail Mr Claude sent her:

To cease and desist any further copyright infringement including all my contracts, forms etc
I am not using your contracts anymore because I am no longer doing deals and that Mr. Mateo knows. But I purchased your program for $595 2 years ago when I was living in Minnesota. We talked on the phone for an hour and you mentioned a phone consultation for $1k a month. If I purchased your contracts, how do i control homes without them? Isnt that the purpose of sending your contracts?

To Cease and desist using my name to further your own business.
I have never used your name. Search for my name, enter any investors website and find me mentioning your name. There is not nothing out there that says my name and your name attached to it. Never done it, never will do it and have no intentions to do it. I started this business and its not my field. If i made $10k out of it, it was alot! Its not a business I enjoyed doing. I hold a part time job in a dry cleaner. Have nothing under my posetion, just a car worth $400 bucks!

I am no longer consulting or doing any deals!

I will be more than happy to forward you the original E-mails.

  • DarvinM

Thank you so much for posting this! I’d followed all of Ms. Fontanez’s posts here with great interest because L/P is one of the areas I want to focus on. She never implied that she was a student or had any real affiliation with Claude, but I noticed that alot of her comments and suggestions were similar to those taught in Claude’s course. I plan to get mentoring because I think I’ve read just about all I can read from alot of guru’s including the Diamond courses. I have had a few dialogues with Claude and believe he is super nice, a very knowledgeable and genuine guy. But when I read Ms. Fontanez’s posts I thought maybe it would do me good to have a lady mentor that knew all of his stuff.

Through her posts, she made it seem like this was such a great business for her, that she was just wildly successful at this, etc. Not to be a snob, but a part time job at a dry cleaners and a $400 car don’t exactly scream ‘successful businesswoman that can show you something’.

Honestly, I was just about to ask Claude if he recommended her. Wow. First the DeFiores (I read a book of theirs and they’d taken systems, techniques and even some of the “real life experiences” seemed borrowed from a Claude Diamond book that was written five years prior to theirs), now this.

Thanks again for the heads up.

That’s funny…she always acted like the expert of all things real estate. Maybe she can apply some of what she tried to teach and see if she can get out of that p/t job? Maybe the drycleaning biz is more lucrative than we think, might be more profitable than realestate… ;D :smiley: ::slight_smile:

Do not get me wrong. You can be succesful in this business as many has. That is not the reason for this post, not to deter people from investing. But when you claim you are somone you are not further your business in mentoring. That is FRAUD!

  • DarvinM

Oh, I am not soured on the business itself. I know I can be successful at this. I just have to be more careful about who will participate in my education, and I’m thankful for people who are willing to share to prevent the potential burning of others.


Let’s all make some money in 2006!

  • DarvinM