I want everyone to beware of Norada real estate in Laguna Niguel Ca, I made the mistake of trusting them with my money.
I gave them $14.000 down for 2 lots in Weeki Wachi Florida, 7k each, The deal was to split the costs and profits 50/50. On one lot they could not get financing for and not for any fault of mine, my credit score is 800+,I gave them the benifit of my doubt for a year to see if they could get it together and then I asked for my money back, I was told three times I could get my money back since they were having this problem. At first Marco Santorelli said I could get it back only after I invested more money in his company, he told me how great things are in the Florida market, I did my own investigating and had a friend go down there and he found out none of what Marco said was true. All of this from a man I had met in person and thought of as a honest friend. After 4 months they wont still havent returned my money. Now that the market has dropped he wants me to release him from the partnership, He said that anything on his previous website or in the contracts doesnt matter now because the market is bad. He said he cannot honor his original contract because he cant afford it. He was supposed to pay half of the monthly payment. Everything he told us and showed us on his website he went back on. I cannot even lease the property for what the payment on the loan is and If I sell it I will have to pay a pre payment penalty he had put in the loan. I am not the only one this has happened to, I know 5 others personally and know of several others. I am disabled, on disability and he steels my money. He even wanted me to get a loan so I could make the payments long enough to lease the property and then when the value goes up I could sell it and he could make a profit but he is not willing to honor his original agreement and pay 50/50 of the loan. I have proof of this ordeal with my emails and legal documents. I would swear to this on a bible. I welcome any questions or suggestions about this situation. If Marco Santorelli makes good and honors his original deal I will gladly notify website to update report but I doubt Marco is a stand up guy.
:cry :banghead

You’re about the 5th person to come here and say this…I hope you didn’t really need the $14K.


thanks for the heads up. i’ll try to remember that norada real estate…stay away from them.

That sounds like the classic swamp land deals in florida scam

Can’t believe they are still getting away with this…