Better than doing foreclosures without the hassles?

5-Day Bullet Program - Minimum is $150K

Yes, the minimum is $150,000 and these exclusive Programs are sophisticated mechanisms engineered and conceived soley on the mathematics of acquiring and reselling financial instruments at a minimum of 6% gain on each trade. These machines are self-driven by program trading. We purchase U.S. Treasury Bonds in face values so high that we are able to buy at 93% of face value. We then sell each at 99.5% of face value generating a gross profit of 6.5% per per trade.

This program is not to be considered or intended to be compared to the process of “entering” into any type of Platform Trading Programs and actual results do not rely on any Platform Trading returns of any kind whatsoever.

The process begins with the client requesting a NCND agreement. Then they will be happy to introduce the Principal to the program manager, attorney-in-fact, and he will explain how this works and provide the initial paperwork including the Rules of the Road for the Principal to follow. They can not do administrative hold on any funds.