Better Buy those Appliances Now, Steel Prices Going Up

A 4-year old refrigerator died (compressor) and I couldn’t find a used one in the newspaper.

So off I went to the Scratch 'N Dent Appliance Store. The refrigerator that was always $399 or less (17 Cubic Feet, Hotpoint) is now $449, and it was the last one at that price.

The salesman said, “Stainless steel has doubled in price. All of our new shipments coming in are way higher in price. Steel is really going up, too. I can’t keep dented ones in stock, people are buying them instead of the perfect ones.”

So better buy those new appliances quick and just stockpile them. Also my fence guy said that fencing nails have tripled in price due to the cost of steel.


Refrigerators have been marching upward in price for at least a year. Not only that, but it seems to be a lot harder to find the great big ones that aren’t side by side.

Roll up garage doors also took a big jump in price last month because of the costs of steel and shipping.