Best/Worst Lenders List

Was wondering what the latest feeling is on which lenders are best and worst to work with…txs

I think we would all like to see that list but it may depend on the person and the deal.

I’d like to see that too…

Right now I have a ton of Wells Fargo deals. I have found them very easy to work with. I like Chase also. If you ever get a MorEquity deal, they try and act like tough guys but their payoff letter is great. All they care about is the net. You can pad all kinds of seller paids and fees for yourself and they don’t care. You can have an FHA and just invoice the HUD for your fees.

I hate and will never work Bank of America. Saxon is a pain also.

Here is the list of lenders I have done short sales with and how I would rate them from a 1-10 10 being the best. (NONE WILL GET A 10) Keep in mind this list has been around awhile and some of the lenders are now gone!

ABN AMRO Mortgage 5

JP Morgan / Chase 7

Suntrust Mortgage 6

Bank United FSB 8

Flagstar Bank 7

Accredited Home Lenders 4

Aegis Mortgage Corporation 3

American Eagle Federal Credit Union 8

American Home Mortgage Servicing 7

Argent 9

ASC/Wells Fargo 7

Astoria 8

Aurora Loan Servicing 9.5

Bank of America 7.5

BlueView 1


Carrington Mortgage 5

Cenlar 6

Central Mortgage Company 5

Chase 8

CIT Group 8

CIT Group/Nations 1st 5

Citi Residential 5

CitiFinancial 7

CitiHome Equity 6

CitiMortgage 4

Domestic Bank 7


Everhome 7.5

Fifth Third Bank 5

First Franklin 7

First Tennessee/First Horizons 8

Franklin Credit 2

Freedom Mortgage Inc 7

US Bank 8

Fremont Investment and Loan 4


Greenpoint Mortgage 6

Greentree Mortgage 5

Guaranty Bank/GB Homequity 5

HFC-Beneficial 7

Homecomings Financial 8

Homeq 7


Indymac 7

Interbank 5

Litton Loan Servicing 8.5

M&I Bank 8

M&T Mortgage 3

Master Financial 3

McCue Mortgage 4

Morequity 5

National City 6

Novastar 7.5

Ocwen 7.5

Ohio savings Bank 8

Old Republic Equity Credit Svcs 8

Option One/American Home Mortgage 8

Plymouth Community Bank 4

Provident Funding 1

Real Time Resolutions 2

Saxon 8

SPS Select portfolio 9

Sovereign Bank 5

Sparta Servicing 4

Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) 6.5

TCF Bank 7

United Mortgage 7.5

US Bank 8.5

Wachovia 9

Washington Mutual 7.5

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 8

Wilshire Credit Corp 8

World Savings 6

So overall not to bad. Keep in mind though after you work with the lenders you get to know them pretty well I only call one person at most of the large lenders