Good Evening Everyone!

I’m new to Real Estate Investing and everything. I would like to start out in Wholesaling to build my networth are there any recommendations on the best courses to read to have more information on the What to do and what not to do’s?

Also how do you get buyers to purchase these properties?

Any Help appreciated.


Yes,Lease options and subject to deals by Wendy Patton

How to be a quick turn Real Estate Millionaire By Ron Legrand

The preforeclosure Property Investors Kit By Thomas Lucier

How to make money with real estate Options By Thomas Lucier

Go to, punch in real estate books , Like kids in a candy store you will find every thing you need at a fraction of the cost from the “Gurus” Barnes and Nobles and Borders make great grab and look and buy too. Darin

The RE Goddesses Guide to Wholesaling - Vena Jones-Cox

Wholesaling for Quick Ca$h - Steve Cook

IMO the 2 best RE wholesaling courses on the market.

I would also recommend talking to alot of investors in your area, they can be your most valuable tool because they are in your market, if you combine that with a few good books you should be OK. It is not rocket science here is what you need to know

  1. Build buyers list
  2. Find Houses
  3. Connect your buyers list with your sellers list.
  4. Get paid.

I have read alot of books but have never taken any super guru courses, and have done a fair number of wholesale deals. I just did one a week ago that I got for 22k on tues and sold by that friday for 31k. I will be adding the buyer to my contract, then deeding myself off after closing.

Eric - Is this something that is done in place of assigning? I’ve heard of this technique before but I’m not too sure on how, exactly, it works. Could you please explain a little more in depth? Thanks