I done some deals already but want to take my business to another level. I wanted to know if you guys know of the best or some good courses on wholesaling. One that comes to mind is Steve Cook’s , because he works with REOs and that’s something I want to get into. I would love to learn how to automize and make this business easier. In specific , how to organize your buyers list, your website , etc… Knowledge is power and I want it.

I would check out and Steph Davis’s book. Her book is called Flip This REO and its very affordable.

I second Steph Davis’ Flip This REO e-book and also Steve Cook’s course. Another person I would consider buying would be Vena Jones-Cox’s wholesaling course. None of them will break the bank and all of them are pure content with no upselling. Great Great Stuff!

I agree with Scott. 3 thumbs up.

eric medemar’s course is super sweet too… he’s also i regular on here… his do this get money course is exactly what it says do this and you will absolutely get money straight to the point with no filler info… i need to become a affiliate after this lol but honestly i like his course because he’s in my state(Michigan) you get his phone number to so if you have any question or concern’s that arise you can call him up… :beer