Best Wholesaling City?

I am about to get into wholesaling, and have no ties to any particular city… is there an area of the country that would be best at this time?

The best city is any city!

You need to make sure you have a nice database of buyers. Find out exactly what your buyers are looking for and where they want to concentrate their business. Once, you know who you can sell to and exactly what they are looking for… Then you simply find those deals that your buyers are looking for.

I have purchased homes all over this country, and each place I buy I am successful. They key is 1) knowing exactly what your buyers want. and 2) know how to get those deals.

Once you can do that, you can have success being a wholesaler anywhere you want to be.

It is really that simple (in my opinion and experience)

Even in a booming market like Texas, Cali, or East Central Florida (where I am from).

Hope this helps.

Happy hunting,


Ditto to what Alien wrote. Find your buyers and know what they want and what their willing to pay…then go to work buying that property.

Go Get’em!
Ray - Indiana