best wholesale course

Who has the best wholesale course? And how long did it take for your first deal to close using the course?

There is no best wholesale course. All courses are good/bad based on your personality & educational level in comparsion to the same of the author. I bought Reggie Brooks course and it’s a pack of SH**. Not well written and not very detail. It did not work for me (and I could not return because of the return policy is void if you open the shrink wrap CDs-bad for business) but I’m sure it worked for someone else. I also bought John Alexanders first course back in 1996/7 and it didn’t work for me. Why? Because at that time I needed a whole lot of hand holding. I was too young, inexperience and SCARED to follow all the steps completely. I also didn’t completely grasp the closing concepts and the type of seller he was saying I should go after. But I know there’s some dude in Baltimore who will swear by the same course.
As far as closing your first deal. Well that depends on your motivation. You don’t have to even open a course to do a deal. You just have to have the right motivation and persistence, with a little mentoring.

Here are some course that I’ve heard or know first hand are good courses.

Steve Cooks Wholesaling Heard
Sherman Ragland’s 21 days First Hand
Cris Chico’s Virtual Wholesaling Heard (Very Cheap)

Steve cooks course is awesome and really easy to follow. Not sure about the other two.

I found Eric Medemar’s course to be very easy to follow and it’s more personality, as if he’s talking to you. A lot of courses just have info…info…info…and sometimes it gets boring, but this course was really good.

Essentially, I’d have to agree with TEI that it all comes down to your personality, your thought process, your education level, and how you can relate to the author! Good luck.

Learn how to wholesale houses in bite sized chunks. Find a course that will teach you STEP -BY- STEP in the right order, how to master the wholesaling business. Oh! And see if you can find one that teaches you the pitfalls…not only the things you should do, but what you SHOULDN’T do!

Steve Cook is the real deal.


I have to agree with Lamar, I like Eric Medemars course as well. I guess because I am Eric Medemar so I am kind of biased.

I have bought venas course and steves courses as well. I don’t like the fact that vena spends about 5% of her course on finding buyers, when finding buyers is 50% of the wholesaling equation. She is thorough as is steve cook, they are just expensive, and for a beginning wholesaler sometimes there thoroughness gets in the way of the actual simplicity of real estate wholesaling which basically comes down to.

finding buyers
finding homes those buyers want
putting the home under contract with an escape clause
get buyers through home.
If they like it, then assign the contract or use a double closing
If they don’t exercise your escape clause
Get paid

Do you really need to listen to 12 hours of audio to teach the above?

It really comes down to “Getting up off your information” and doing something with it.

One thing to keep in mind from the side of any guru is that it cost’s no more money to produce good information than it does to produce bad information its all just paper and sound. Real estate courses are not like cars where it costs more for a good car vs a bad car because parts are expensive. With real estate courses it’s only paper, cd’s/mp3, and experience that make a course good or bad.

Eric Medemar

Good stuff Eric,


I happen to like the courses offered by Than Merrill and Paul Esajian. (From Flip this House - New Haven, CT.) They are thorough and well thought out with step by step solutions. Than is the marketing arm of thier organization and Paul along with his brother, J.D. handle the rehab end. Their thinking is that to wholesale a property, you need to know the end-buyer’s cost for repairs, which probably include obtaining estimates from contractors who will honor thier quote to the end buyer.
Their “books and tapes” come with a 5 day seminar. I attended the Marketing Seminar last month - it was outstanding.

Also, Lou Brown.

email me for links.

[i]Hi guys,

I am totally new at anything that has to do with investing.

This is to Eric Medemar:

I have been scouring the internet the last few days for a good wholesale course but just could not find anything that really caught my eye.

Today I just happened to see the comments on the forum about how you offer a good course.

Since I am going through a little bit of a difficult financial time (that’s a eufemism! :frowning: ), I was very happy to find it as a special on eBay. I just bought it and I am excited to start reading it!

Is it allowed to ask questions later about it?


I bought Eric’s course and did find it to be simple to follow. But I felt it didn’t offer enough explaination on how to write up the contract to present to the owners. I have done everything else, I got my buyers list, found a good property and now I feel stuck on the paper work. I was trying to keep cost down, but at this point I feel like I’m going to just hire a lawyer to handle the contract.

I thought I just posted this message …maybe not? Thanks

Oops! I’m sorry. Won’t do that again. Thanks for the explanation.

I’m not a Lawyer or anything, but what questions do you have in regards to the contracts? Just curious… If I can’t answer, then maybe someone else on the forum can, but with that said, it’s always good to have an attorney. I can help you find a very inexpensive, but top notch lawyer too, but you’ll have to PM me for that. Again, just ask us what your confused about regarding the contract.

By the way, For all those that are looking for Eric Medemar’s course, you can get it if you Click Here


Which contract to use, which covers me and is simple to use. Where exactly to add clauses? Should I make multiple offer to seller, then write up contract? How long should I specify in contract for closing? Who should do title search me or buyer? How do I get buyer to use my title company instead of theirs? I guess its more than just the contract phase but the whole closing process which is still sketchy.


Eric, it would’ve been disappointing if you didn’t endorse yourself, lol.

I bought Vena Jones Cox program, it was VERY expensive and offers a lot of stuff. I used less than 10% of the info and resources in it and went to work and have done very well. I listened to her speak in WA at a R.E.P. meeting. She was good. I have bought newbie investors out of nightmare deals who have lost there a** after following the carlton sheets program. Infact every investor that I have bought from was about bankrupt after using the carlton sheets program…

Hands down Steve Cook and William Tingle. Both offer complete information
and you can find audio and printed material from either of these fine gentlemen.