best ways to research a neighborhood

I’m new here looking to but my first home, which will be some combination of my first home to live in and my first rental property to rent out after I pay it off or some time down the road. So i’m really looking anywhere between 15-60k, just to provide an overview, but my first question(I’ll have many) is what do you guys use to research an area save driving through it? How would one collect pertinent data like crime stats and rental property stats and whatever important info you collect? I’m just looking for a couple tips to get better educated before I grab something. Thanks!

I just found

And flood zone info…

For crime stats you can can the police department in the area or sheriff office.Ask about crime rates.They might point you less crime rate areas.

Check online for information about schools and other amenities.

Yeah, has crime info also, but just found out it’s subscription site, but not too expensive.

I use The police in my area upload data to it daily. They post everything from noise by-law tickets to homicides and it’s FREE.

Cool, thanks. I’ll see if my county/city has something similar…

Oh, looks like it’s not a local thing (national).

Oh, and has appreciation data and I believe rental stats too.

Does anyone use or any other similar sites, subscription or FREE! would be nice, and could comment? Please share. I’m about to spend some $$$ on neighborhoodscouts and want to do some shopping. Thanks

To check crime stats in the neighborhood, try CrimeReports and MyLocalCrime. If you want to check what are the recreational spots, try Yelp. For transportation access, you should try WalkScore. I hope this helps.

I found neighbors at my previous forum with the help of topics connected to the city or county of inhabiting. Have you tried so?