Best ways to flip first property

My wife and I have our first option under contract in NY.

We’ve had control of the property for about a week now and she still lives there with a tenant above.

Oh did i mention she’s in Foreclosure.

We have it listed on, Daily News, Amsterdam News,

WE want to turn this over as fast as possible.
Can we get some suggestions on how to get a buyer fast for a double closing?

You should have started locating potential buyers WELL before you starting looking at properties to flip or wholesale… You need to create a partner list of potential sellers that would be interested in a good deal months before you start wholesaling or re-hab’ing… Culitvate those sites you mentioned by advertising you constantly are finding good fixer uppers or re-hab properties in your area. They are out there looking for bird dogging, wholesaling studs like you! Good luck! :wink: