Best Ways to find motivated buyers


I would like to ask you guys about the best ways
you find effective to find motivate buyers…

So, far, I am focussing on pre-foreclosure owners,
I download lists from and send
letters to pre-fc owners asking them to call me

Is this an effective way? What do you use?

Any body has an experience with do you find their
data base reliable and up to date? (I don’t)

Can anyone point me to a better source of these lists?
I am focussing on Alameda County in the Bay Area (California).

thanks in advance,
Jimmy 8)

Homeowners in default are best candidate for your preforeclosure prospects. If you could get them to call you before their property gets into Trustee’s Sale, you’re about halfway done in acquiring your real estate deal.

Keep sending those letters, and pretty soon someone will attempt to call you. Its all numbers game. Your most reliable source for defaulted homeowner is directly from your local county courthouse. Those paid listings are acquired also from the courthouse. Getting familiar with your county recorder’s office will help you a lot knowing the other aspects of real estate transactions.

I’m a new member, so I just read your question…
The best way to get a recent list of Notice of Defaults is from a local Title Company. Go visit a few places near you and build a relationship with a few people in the office.
I have a Title Company email w/attachment the lists for each county I request. I’m in Northern Calif. also.
The lists are accurate and recent and best of all FREE!
Good Luck & Happy Hunting :slight_smile: