Best Ways To Advertise To Developers?

Hello Out There . . . I am bird-dogging for some commercial lenders/brokers. Since I am just starting out, I don’t have money to advertise like I want to. Can anyone suggest how I can attract professional investors and/or developers with money to invest? I’ve tried those free online advertising sites, and all I get is folks that are loan shopping, or have no money.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Call the “we buy houses” people in all the newspapers in your area. They are usually investors - or at least can direct you to sources of public and private money. That’s the cheapest way to do it.

The other thing is at some point you are going to have to spend money to make money. I live in a one-income household so I do not have disposable income to advertise as thoroughly as I’d like. I do little odd jobs, like mystery shopping, to get my newspaper ads paid for (which are the most expensive thing). This allows me to be with my daughter and not take from the family funds to pay for my RE adventures. Set a limit you’re willing to spend and then get creative about how you are going to use that money. When you get your first birddogging fees, you can crank up your advertising.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I also live in a one income household, so I have to be resourceful in my advertising methods. I intend to step things up in my advertising once I start making some money at this.

Good luck to you also!

Good Evening;

I too am looking to find developers who would be interested in making a fortune in the real estate construction & mass recycling industry.

Reconstruction of the gulf coast and other natural disasters sadly these make what we have to offer all the more in demand.