best way to structure a rental property collection

Hi All,

I have a few rental properties in Texas and am considering purchasing one in Ohio. I live in Nevada. Unfortunately, they are in my name and it’s time to restructure them into a proper legal form where my liability is minimized. My initial thought is to have a Nevada LLC, own Texas LLCs that own the properties individually. Also, the Nevada LLc would own the Ohio LLC. I considered the Texas Series LLC, but felt it has not been thoroughly tested. Also, I assumed that I would have to create LLc’s in the state where the properties are located. Presumably, a Nevada LLc, would have to register to do business in another state which costs the same amount as having a LLC in the state. Is this true?
Any analysis and suggestions would be welcome.
thanks in advance

you’re making it waaaay too complicated.

You’re considering three entities, each with federal as well as state franchise filing requirements. In Texas, you may also be creating a tiered structure, further complicating your franchise tax returns. All of that complication comes with both bookkeeping hassle and cost to handle the returns.

A NV LLC can own property in TX, but must register to do business in TX. The cost is exactly the same as a TX LLC, but avoids the hassle and cost of multiple returns.

I would assume that Ohio is the same.