Best way to start out REI'ing in NYC suburbs

I am looking to get into RE investing and was looking for some advice on the best route to take to start out. First of all I only have about $10000 in cash to work with and very little in reserve. I will probably be able to borrow a bit from my mother in an extreme case but not alot. I currently don’t pay rent as I am living at home again right now. I have never owned my own home. My credit score is excellent at close to 780. I am a computer technician by trade and I have recently started my own business since being layed off. My income is still shaky with it. Less then 2000 a month currently but I keep plugging away. What is the best route to take in my situation. I am looking to invest in the Rockland County NY area or the Orange County NY area. Orange I know is still cheaper compared to Rockland but still pricey compared to other areas. I want to start out close to home at least in the beginning even though I know there are better deals to find elsewhere in the country. With my lack of being able to put money down I will be very negative every month as far as cashflow if I buy to rent out around here unless I can find something for under 150k which is next to impossible unless I can land something in preforclosure. Would I be better off flipping or rehabbing to start out with. I was pre-approved by Ameriquest for a $300000 30 year 80/20 to avoid downpayent. He said I can get it with or without 5 years interest only on the 80%. It is a No-Doc mortgage. I have since decided not to pursue it with Ameriquest further because of all their shady business practices that I have been reading about. I have since found a smaller mortgage broker who is offering me basically the same thing. I found him via a recommendation from a real estate attorney who happens to be one of my computer customers.