Best way to sell your Personal Home??

I admit, I’m a newbie here, watching over the forums, but I do have one question.

I am planning on relocating to a different state. With all of the create ways to sell houses and make these great amounts of money when doing so. What would everyone recommend when selling your own personal home.

Some details. Owe around 140, comps are around 185 (minus the real estate bubble going on), I figure I could realisiticly get around 165-170. I don’t want to list with a realtor, so what would everyone recommend.

Lease Option? FSBO? Etc… I want to make as much as possible for my next down payment, also to try to get out of the 8k in realtor fees.

Thanks to all…


What are your payments, including taxes and insurance?

have an expiring ARM this year, going to 4.475 in late 06, 5.575 in late 07 and prime in 08

Payments are around mid 8s

What area of the country do you live in?