Best way to sell properties I have?

Hey guys, what is the best strategy for finding buyers and selling all the properties I have?

I got three lists of wholesale properties and I need a good marketing strategy. Should I try signs, flyers, listings…

Yes :biggrin

advertise every where, you never know where the buyer will come from. Craigslist is big, and even better is to network with other investors as they may have a buyer for you.

Do all of those things you mentioned.

Also, a big investor list builder for us in various different markets is calling companies/investors off of the yellowbooks. That might work for you in building a serious buyers list.

Hit your local REI clubs to. There you will find other investors looking for deals along with a host of other people that you can network with. Usually you can attend a meeting and share your properties with the other there.

Do the following:

  1. Befriend a top realtor and list it on the MLS. Be careful though because many realtors will do nothing. Tell them what you are doing and make sure they dont “bang you” (charge too much) with their realtor commission.

  2. Networking is great. Go to a rei club. Even if you dont sell those properties on your list, you will make great contacts at the club.

  3. I would also go to and set up a simple website and put all your properties on the site. I would than do some Postlets marketing. You will get buyers to call you. You just than have to qualify them or you can use a loan officer to help you.

Do you have a property website? This has helped me dramatically. You can list your properties on your own site and drive traffic to it from sites like craigslist, backpage, kijiji and many more. You can also advertise your site offline using signs, flyers, car magnets, or whatever else you’d like. This combined with your regular offline advertising for the property directly should increase the amount of people looking at your site.