best way to remove paint from tiles?

anybody have a good method to remove paint from tiles which will not discolor or ruin them? simple paint thinner? i didnt have any so i figured i’d ask first…maybe there is another product.

oh yeah how about paint on aluminum? i got some on the door frame which seems like i’ll have to paint it black if i can’t get it off easily.

so that’s two questions for everyone ;]

hope everyone is well and active with their rehabs and investing careers!


Is it water based latex paint? If so, soak it with some water and Dawn mixed to loosen it up, then it should peel off. Or get it warm with a hair dryer and peel it off. Scraping aluminum will scratch it. Same with the tile - is it ceramic, porcelain or?

thanks cherdwelth!

so the warm water and Dawn should work on the aluminum too eh?

I believe Lowes carries a produt called Oops, or something to that effect that is suppose remove paint that you spilled or splattered on other surfaces. Check in the paint department to find it.


A product like Oopps might work better.

I was thinking of something along the lines of home remedies. I was thinking the warm heat might work better on the aluminum.

I was thinking the water and dawn will loosen the paint. I’ve used it on paint that wasn’t on too long. Not sure about paint left on longer … give it a try.

Use a paint scraper. You know, the kind that removes paint from your glass windows?

Take cherdwelth’s hair dryer suggestion to the next level and get a heat gun from your local hardware store. It will work on tile (lowest setting) to soften paint and other substances so they are easy to remove. It will allow you clean your door frame with ease as well.

My heat gun has become my new best friend. I use it to clean appliances, remove floor tile, remove laminate, clean windows, and a host of other things. I also love using it to speed along the drying process of wood putty, joint compound, tile adhesive, and it even works on cement when I’m patching in damp places.


Hi Howard - I didn’t think of a heat gun. They use them in a lot of crafting - and I can see how it would work much better than a dryer. More direct, concentrated heat. Thanks for the tip!

I have my contractor use a sledge hammer. Once its been painted and its going sour tear it out.Think about it .4 hours to scrape and 2 hours to tape and repaint or 1/2 hour to tear out and 5 hours to make brand new ;D

I hope you change your thinking when it comes to puttying up nail holes! LOL

You know, why put some putting in the hole when you can sledgehammer the whole wall out, re-drywall it, tape it, sand it, and paint it??? LOL ;D LOL ;D LOL

I agree with the putty the hole technique but that old 4" tile that has been painted scraped repainted and on and on and on …RIP IT OUT. ;D

Hi - Was he saying he had paint all over the tiles?? If so, I mis-read that. Yes, I agree with your way of tackling the problem. I thought he meant he had paint drips - nothing really major.


Oh no no no . Somewhere in time someone found a way to con homeowners into the idea that they could actually paint ceramic tile and it would last. Does it look good? Yes…until the first steaming shower and it starts to peel off.And our infamous rehabbers always looking to for the penny in the money pit instead of picking up the dollars has found this to be a great timesaving method of hiding blemishes.

I just had the painter from you know where. He got paint on everything. The tiles, the frig, stove, pluges, lights and more. Mostly over spray but a whole lot on doors and thick. It sat for weeks.

I use ‘Goof Off’ it works great. You just put a little on a warm damp rag and rub it off. Sometimes you have to let the ‘Goof Off’ sit a little. For large areas or thick paint, I put some in a spray bottle.

Really, it works great. I can’t understand why no one has brought this product up.

Good luck.

I think some may be afraid of guilt by association so they havent mentioned that product 8)

I’ll admit that we’ve used products like that cleaning up after some subs. We clean it up ourselves just to get the guy out of the place LOL. It really does help. Paint on windows easily comes off with soapy water and a new window blade.

Campbell - One of my favorite sayings is that people - trip over dollars to save pennies. I agree with you.