Best way to reinvest my 25k of equity???

Hi everyone. so i have been reading this forum for a little while now and i am encouraged by all the creating investing tactics i see. i have 25k in equity i can pull out from my house and i want to reinvest it back into real estate but not sure the best way to go about it. i was thinking about using the 25k as a downpayment on a rental but i was hoping i could get some suggestions from people out there on how they would reinvest it. thanks.

You have it invested just fine in your home. It is not a good idea to pull out all of the cash in your home. If you want to start investing then start building relationships with people that can help you like, Realtor s, Mortgage Brokers,money lenders,contractors,and so on. Decide on the type of real estate investing that you are going to employ.Announce your decision to your associates and make a commitment to your first deal.

invest a couple of bucks in a good course on wholesaling so that you can learn to invest without risking your cash or credit. keep that 25k in your home.