Best way to put a deal together

Hello all! :slight_smile: I am looking for ideals on the best way to put together a deal.
In Port Orange Florida property values are high. There is a mobile home subdivision that some are rented lots and some are with lots. I fisbo wants to sell a one bedroom singlewide with a 56x100 lot for $55K. Last yrs justed tax value of the land was $25200. Total tax app is $39,900.
The home is a 1966 with a car port. Now it is free and clear was his grandmothers, So I think I could get him to owner finance.

  1. Would it be better to keep the land an sell the mobile home, charging lot rent?
  2. Or to owner finance or L/O to someone else for a higher sales price?
    My thought is to keep the lot because of the land value.
    I would appreicate some in put.

I a meeting with someone today on another house that is larger due to adding on with land he wants $150,000. That seems high, but these things are selling.

Thank you all. :slight_smile:

Denise, Have you had any success with this?

trailer home actual value depends on the area and the demand.


I would find someone with a low credit score that keeps them from buying and do an owner-fi, raise the price and the interest. They should jump at it because this is the only way they can buy.


I have some things you might like!

Thank you all for responding. I was told that you can not insure a mobile home that is over 10 yrs old. If you can not insure it, what exactly do you do?
Can I get owner financing and then owner finance it out or will I need to find a hard money lender?

I did put a contract on a 140X145 lot and I have 10 days to move it. The lot is in Port Orange Florida 7 min form the Daytona Beach. There are not hardly any lots left. Last lot sold in Port Orange was for $139,000, I am asking $129,000.
This was a big step for me, but I did it and gave myself an exit plan.

Thank you all. :slight_smile: